Skye Donald for Area F

My wife, Skye Donald, is running for Regional Director in Area F this year. It should be interesting.

Pressed into Words

So since I’m already the “WordPress” expert at work I finally converted my personal blog from Nucleus to WordPress. Obviously it is not finished yet so stay tuned.

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So now that Chrome 5 is “stable” and released on all platforms I revisited it to see if the ugly font issue in Linux had been resolved. It hasn’t. There is no use giving us a browser that is really fast if we can’t even look at it without making funny faces. Back to good old Iceweasel / Firefox for me.

da phone

So since I haven’t blogged a while and it is probably affecting my stock price on I thought I might say something about my new phone. First, it really isn’t mine, as work is paying for it. Second, I should mention it is a Motorola Milestone, probably the best Android phone in Canada (from a national carrier) at the moment. If you search my tweets from last year you might even find how I though the ‘Droid’ looked ugly and now it is in my hand. I’m amazed how much I use this thing. I Facebook pretty much from the phone now and it is pretty handy when watching TV (although bad on the eyes). Gavin Vickery has one too so I have a Milestone buddy. 😉 I also have to say I’m pretty impressed with Android. Being a Linux guy it was pretty much the only choice and its interface is impressive. Far from those Linux pda OS’s like the Zaurus which I had around 2002. Anyway gotta get back to work.



I retired from Debian today after 9 years. Most of my time was spent on the NVIDIA packaging. I had a few years as a ftpmaster and ftp-team member. Thanks to Ryan Murray and Stormix for this period of my life. I cannot handle the workload or have the desire to do so anymore so I must step away. I wish the project the best.

Considering Retirement

I have been a developer with Debian since 2001 but my work has decreased steadily as my career and home life get busier. I think I’m at a point where I need to create a clean break and take a step away. But here is my problem: I am the only and founding DD on the NVIDIA packaging team. There is a DM now that works on libvdpau but despite attempts to have more DD’s join, only Debian users have answered the call on a part-time or patch submitting basis. So does anybody want to take to the packaging of these babies before I mostly likely orphan them? Andres Mejia would of course keep libvdpau. Thank you for your attention.

RFH: nvidia-graphics-drivers — Developer needed to take on major role in packaging team

Thought I might post this here as well.

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal


I am placing this Request for Help as I can no longer do the majority of
the work on the NVIDIA packages. Although some people have offered time
and work over recent years, there really needs to be another Developer
or Maintainer that can take on a lot of work. Also I feel an injection
of fresh spirit would be helpful in some of the areas requiring an
overhaul. I am not stepping away, however. I just wish to reduce my role
in a way that is more comfortable and beneficial to the team and

Randall Donald

190.53 + 173.14.22 = double barrel of fun

The current 190.53 nvidia-graphics-drivers were uploaded to NEW and the latest 173xx legacy branch is now in unstable. Now back to your regularly scheduled Friday

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Hey did you see that? 96.43.13!!!

Ya so I finally got around to uploading a legacy 96.43.13 version that works with the latest kernels and ia32 libs.
Please hold off on the tomato throwing for a while please.

185.18.36 for da mobile folks

nvidia-graphics-drivers_185.18.36-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED
nvidia-graphics-drivers_185.18.36-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED

for those mobile GPU peeps. (Just an upstream bump)

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